415D Wire Wheel® $175 + S&H-


Ships to Hawaii $175+$110 S&H

620s Wire Wheel ® $160 + S&H.


Ships to Hawaii $160+$130 S&H

​We have the best wire dispensing solutions for AC, MC, NM cable and single conductor wire in the Industry

Most of us have learned that the lowest price is not always the best value. Our wire dispensing solutions are a little more expensive up front, but are designed to produce labor savings for the life of the product. And, thanks to the quality construction, that should be a long time.


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Wire Wheel ® Hand Caddy 2 in a package for $150 + S&H

Ships to Hawaii $150 +$110 S&H

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What our customers are saying about our wire dispensing solutions?

They will tell you the Wire Wheel® is an absolute game changer.  

See what our clients have to say....

You can be confident that our product works - we guarantee it.

February 11, 2020

We just purchased the wire wheel to try out.  Have to say, it’s the best wire pulling tool out there.  Hands down.  The owner, Jerry hit a homer with this one.  Check it out on his page.  Guaranteed you’ll be happy with it.

We will always support a business that supports its client base.  You guys rock! no joke!

February 11, 2020

Amazing Product! Absolutely love using it, Romex comes out extremely clean!

Paul Lavallee, Mississippi
October 28, 2019

Been using these for a few months now.  Absolute game changer!

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