415D Wire Wheel® $150 + S&H

620s Wire Wheel ® $150 + S&H

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Most of us have learned that the lowest price is not always the best value. Our products are a little more expensive up front, but are designed to produce labor savings for the life of the product. And, thanks to the quality construction, that should be a long time.

WC100  wire cart  $300 + S&H 

Wire Wheel ® Hand Caddy $60 + S&H

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We are sure you will love our product. If you are not completely satisfied give me a call.

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"I purchased the wire wheel back in May and I was a little hesitant because, of all the dispenser designs, I never saw one like this. The construction is very durable and it is worth every penny. Loading wire on is easy. It provides a clean, one man installation. Having it on the job lets builders and homeowners know that you care about proper, professional installation. I couldn't be happier with this purchase."
Jason Rivas
It's all about productivity!!!! I have 3 employees and 12 Wire Wheels® Bryant Taylor Atlanta GA
Bryant Taylor
Try our products for 60 days. If you do not think that they are performing to your satisfaction give me a call, I will try to solve the problem or I will buy it back. Parts that fail during the first year of use will be replaced.
Jerry Lanser

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