Wire Wheel ®

Wire Wheel®  models 415D and 620S

for NM, MC, and AC electrical cable

Portable wire dispenser, electrical wire dispenser, wire reeler, wire spinner, wire caddy, wire despooler, stud reel, cable reeler, cable spinner, cable reeler, cable caddy, romex caddy, romex dispenser, romex spinner, romex reeler, romex unroller, clamshell wire dispenser …..

No matter what you call it, the Wire Wheel® is the superior dispenser for NM, AC & MC cable.

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10″ x 17″ x 21″H


9.5″ x 22.5″ x 25″H

13.5 lbs


13 lbs

2 – 415 wheels on zinc plated steel frame


1 – 620 wheel on steel frame

Our most popular model for new residential and remodel jobs using 14 and 12 ga Rome

Recommended Uses

Ideal for commercial jobs using AC & MC cable and as a companion to the 415D for the larger Rome’s

How to load the Wire Wheel ®

The Wire Wheel ® is a tough, impact resistant, high density polyethylene wheel(s) mounted on a zinc plated steel frame.

The Wire Wheel ® is easy to load. Tip it on its side, rotate the latch and remove the lid.  Lay the coil of wire in, replace the lid, secure the latch and stand upright.  10 seconds ought to do it.

Set the Wire Wheel ® down in the direction of the pull and go to it.  The wire feeds as well up or down as it does horizontally.  The enclosed design prevents the over spin, dropped loops, and knots that are common with most other dispensers.  You can’t appreciate that more than when you are crawling thru an attic or crawl space.

The Wire Wheel ® is free standing, no stud or joist required.  Which means you can use it many places where the competition can’t go such as A/C hookups, outdoor jobs, remodel and service work.

The easy to carry design means you have a lot less cable laying around on the floor where it can be damaged.

Excess cable can be wound up in just a couple seconds.

The Wire Wheel ® eliminates trips to the truck since you can now carry 2 coils of wire and the dispenser in one hand, a job that usually requires 2 or 3 trips.

The Wire Wheel ® protects your wire in the truck and helps give your truck and job site a clean professional look.