The Bendcart® BC100

We can make your hydraulic conduit bender portable

BC100 w/ 881A adapter $1900. + S&H use with 881 bender emt/GRC benderBC100 $1700 + S&H (use with 885TE bender only)

Add it up— Bendcarts® offer significant labor savings:

— by eliminating hours of setup and teardown of your hydraulic conduit benders and conduit bending tables. Benders are always set up and ready for use, on the jobsite or in the shop.

— by eliminating the time wasted by electricians carrying conduit back and forth to a fixed bender location. Because the Bendcart® is portable your electricians can easily take the bender to where they are working.

— because the Bendcart® can go thru a 30″ doorway without disassembling, fits on most elevators,and can be safely lifted, fully assembled, with slings or forklifts

— since the vertical mounting facilitates the use of a protractor for faster, more accurate bends.

We have four BC100 Bendcarts® that we use in the shop and out in the field. Our electricians like not only the accuracy of bends, ease of operation, easier shoe changing, but most of all the ability to move it around without tearing it apart..
Timothy Becker warehouse mgr
Frey Electric Const Co Inc Tonawanda, NY


Compatible Benders 

                        The old style 885T(for 21⁄2″ to 4″ EMT only) mounts directly to the Bendcart®                                                                                                                                   

The new style 881/881CT (for 2-1/2″ to 4″EMT/GRC) mounts on the Bendcart®with the 881A adapter 


Overall Height:







205 Lbs 237 Lbs with 881A adapter

Front Wheels:

2″ x 6″ swivel with brake

Rear Wheels:

2.75″ x 10″ solid with with 5/8″ sealed bearings

The bender and pump are not included with the Bendcart and are not included in these specifications