Wire Management

WC100 Wire Cart

How to use the WC100 Wire management wire Cart

The WC100 is a heavy duty wire cart designed to be a useful partner in every aspect of installing wire, from making the 1000′ spools of romex portable to handling up to 30 spools of control wire.  It’s the preferred tool on commercial and industrial jobs for installing branch circuit wiring.

The WC100 folds flat for compact storage in the truck or shop.  The “quick load” feature eliminates the time wasted on pins and clips.  The 8″ wheels and balanced design make it easy to move around the job even when loaded.

WC100 Wire Cart Wire Management
WC100 Wire management wire cart/folded

A unique feature of the WC100 is the moveable feeder eye which “follows” the pull,  reducing stress on the wire insulation.  It also provides a small amount of tension,  which helps keep the wire from jumping off the spools.

WC100 Wire Care Wire Management


39 lbs

Folded dim

46″ H x 27″w x 4.5″

In-use dim

41.5″ h x 27″w x 25″


2″ x 8″ Solid rubber w/ 5/8″ bearings

Spool Bars

5/8″ solid steel w/quick load ends

Wt Capacity

5/8″ solid steel w/quick load ends

Spool Capacity

30-500’#16    4-500’#6/ #8

20-500′ #12    10-500′ #10

4-1000′ NM cable

Wire Wheel ® Hand Caddy

Hand Caddy wire management wire cart
Wire management Wire cart
Wire management wire cart

 Wire Wheel® Hand Caddy $120 (set of 2) + S&H

“The Hand Caddy holds 5 – 500″ spools of #10 of #12 wire (3 phase colors + white and green).  It has a built in feeding eye which helps to keep the wire from jumping off the spools and also feeds them out in a compact,easy to grab bundle.  The unit is 17 X 10 x 21 inches high and it weighs less than 7 lbs. empty.   It can dispense wire standing up or lying on its back.  It is much easier to carry than any of its competitors”.