Wire Wheel®   Hand Caddy

Hand Caddy wire management wire cart
Wire management Wire cart
Wire management wire cart

 Wire Wheel® Hand Caddy $60 + S&H

The Wire Wheel®Hand Caddy has several

advantages over its competitors.

  • It holds five reels whereas most others hold  four. Why does that matter? Because you can feed the three phase colors, a neutral, and  ground from one dispenser without changing spools.

  • Less back strain from bending since the handle is 21″ above the floor.

  • The unit can be used upright or lying down.

  • The handle serves as a feed eye – keeping the wires bundled for easy pulling and reducing the number of dropped loops.

  • The quick load design means there are no pins to lose or misplace

Hand Caddy

The Wire Wheel® Hand Caddy is easier to carry since it is much narrower than the standard four reel caddy.  The handle has been designed to be slightly off center so that the rack tips away from your leg and ankle when carrying